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Up and comers-

Shaft City- My boy Drew's comic. He's actually my first big webcomic bud so far, a real stand-up guy. Check out his comic, lots of Gundam love, even more funny, and a talking dog! Just remember... send the guy an email for the love of God.

Rapture- A very very promising comic. Rapture is a sci-fi romp in a phallic ship. It actually features some of the better webcomic humor I've seen in recent times, especially in the newer strips.

Basement Studios- A funny... violent strip. Basement studios is professionally drawn, boasts a well-rounded cast and a Jamaican Pokemon. Go read it!


Penny Arcade- My personal favorite strip in the world. It's mostly videogame humor, but who doesn't like videogames? You'd better go there.

Warp 9 to hell - God only knows why these guys aren't here already. If you like funny, and I know you do, then check this out. It can be just this side of twisted at times, but twisted 'ha ha' not really twisted 'oh dear...' So unless you have cookies for hands, get over there already. You owe it to yourself.

Sinfest - My inspiration. Sinfest is a very clean and charming strip. Check it out!

Redmeat- Weird... but still funny.

Bruno the Bandit- Genius. If you've got a hankerin' for Microdragons, baby seal clubbing, or just plain old comedy, you should get over there, like now.

Crackerjap- One of these guys goes to my Art School... but I don't know him. It doesn't look like they update too regularly, but when they do it's 100% hilarity.

Gunchello- Another guy that graduated from my college. A little before my time, but his strips rock the mic right.

Evil Space Robot -The web page of my personal hero Les Mclaine, the artist of Highway 13! get over there and check it out!

Spifficated- A very well done strip. It's about a rat in an asylum, I mean how can you go wrong with that!?.

The Boondocks- A very very cool strip, Aaron's probably THE cartoonist I look up to the most. Oh yeah, and it's funny.

PVP- Different. A really funny comic, it has a sitcom-y style and characters that are ALMOST as loveable as the ones you'll find here at the O'.

Astronerdboy- A Most useful webcomics directory. Whether you're a creator looking for promotion, or just a surfer looking for good comics, this is definitely the place to go.


Friends pages-

Ethan's page- Arnold Arnold Arnold. If you want sounds from the Scwarz, this is the place to go. There are other entertaining things there also, including the occasional appearance by yours truly.

Polished Scrawl productions- Jim's production page. Go there and read up on the duckies and marvel at Jim's unrivaled command of the visual arts.

Sketch - A site to see. Sketch's page features flash animation to drop your jaw, including a flashed up version of your favorite comic and mine, Life at the O.